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Maniac — New Horror Escape Room

Posted on March 12th, 2017

Do you remember how you spent your last weekend? How about a weekend two or six months ago? Harder? Guys, you should spend your free time so that it’s different from the previous one. A true leisure time must give you unforgettable emotions and leave bright pictures in your memory!

Don’t write yourself off too early. Life’s too short to waste your time in vain. Your brain should work and feel constant adrenaline rush!

Thrill your brain in our new escape room. You’ll come across the scariest and most opportunistic adventure in your life. Are you ready to take on the 60-minute challenge that your friends’ lives and that of your own depend on? Then go to the lair of Pennsylvanian psychopath and try to talk him over to leave you among the living!

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Escape Rooms: what should a beginner focus on?

Posted on March 12th, 2017

We all like taking rest but only the most adventurous of us know how to do it properly. True adventurers will never spend hours sitting in front of computer or chewing pop-corn while watching ten episodes of a popular TV show.

Many people got into a habit of spending their weekend on their standard schedule: nightclub, drinks, music, more drinks, short sleep and… here comes Monday. Such weekend rolls by pretty fast and leaves no memories.

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Pirate Quest – Way to Spend Holiday Without Getting Bored

Posted on February 9th, 2017

Friends, it’s time to speak our mind about holidays. Have you ever found yourself thinking that having a good time is as hard as trying to get an Employee of the Month crown? There are sort of well-tried recipes of keeping things moving, like good music, balloons, and a trustworthy stash of drinks. But it will cheer you up as much as watching “I love Lucy” for the tenth time running. We have to confess – we are avid fans of barbecue. But frying steaks again and again for many years sounds like a groundhog day! Do you want to celebrate your birthday creatively with your friends? Are you tired of boring and ordinary team-buildings in town? Or maybe you want to break your gray working days with bright colors and add a bit of adventure in your life? And the last question – have you ever dreamt about being a pirate?

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Escape Rooms Participation Leads to Self-Improvement

Posted on February 8th, 2017

As more and more escape rooms are opened both across the country, you might start wondering about the effects such type of immersive entertainment produces on you. Let’s see how you and your friends can benefit from taking part in escape games.

Benefits of room escape games for self-improvement

If you have ever been to an escape room (and were lucky to visit a good one), you probably know the answer – it makes every neuron in your brain work. It poses a challenge that you take up and try hard to deal with successfully. So, here are some more specific advantages of spending your free time at escape rooms:

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Escape Rooms – New Way to Spend Time With Your Friends

Posted on February 8th, 2017

Ever wondered how to spend an evening with your friends after you had grown tired of going out to the same old bar or watching movies and ordering in? Well, then you’ll most surely like this relatively new pastime – escape rooms!

So what exactly escape rooms are?

Though first escape rooms appeared quite a while ago, some still wonder what exactly they are and where you need to escape from and why. Well, the answer is pretty simple: these are rooms you need to get out from in a limited time span using some elaborate clues. It might sound not so challenging a task at first, but we assure you – some quests of such kind will make you and your friends work really hard till you crack the code, even if all of you are seasoned escape rooms goers.

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Game is the most pleasant way to become a genius

Posted on January 27th, 2017

Many parents scratch their heads over how to help their children to grow up real geniuses. The answer has been long known – they have to play smart games with them. Kids escape room in Pittsburgh is a truly whip-smart entertainment that is still unbelievably fun and exciting. Once you go in there you move into mysterious pirates’ lands. Will you have to think twice to avoid all those tricky traps? Absolutely! Will you need the team spirit? Oh, be sure you’ll never be able to find the exit alone! What’s the reason for all this? Fairy tale treasures of course! And who said Pittsburg had never been invaded by pirates?

A celebrated historian Sir Lupus Crotcheteer reliably proved that there was a whole gang of pirates on the Ohio River! Once upon a time they set off with their captain to find the priceless treasures in the world. Adventurers spent lots of time and strength trying to find it; they dived in the deepest places, dug all over the place and – lo and behold! – they found the treasures. But the greedy pirates betrayed their captain and left him alone with no money and weapon.

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