Mafia – New Escape Room in Pittsburgh

A group of friends has been kidnapped by unknown perpetrators! It is suspected that Mafia might be to blame...
Are you looking for a new experience for your family and friends? Well your in the right place, Questburgh is the best escape room in the greater Pittsburgh area that gives you the chance to experience a new level of escape room.
2-8 people

People of all ages are welcome
60 min

Game time
from $28

Per one person
40 games a week

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You find yourself locked up in a totally unfamiliar place and hardly knowing what to do next. Did you know that it takes the relatives and police about two days on average to realize there has been a kidnapping? And now you have very little time: only 60 minutes to get to safety before...

In a fantastically themed environment, you will step-by-step solve many intricate logic puzzles, and work as a team to reach the main goal in under 60 minutes. We have created a series of highly detailed and well designed rooms that will definitely make you think outside the box. This adventure you won't soon forget.
Escape Room Experience
There are many ways to explain what escape room is. For instance, it's like a set of games on logic, dexterity and attention. But in the end, it is the experience of interaction with each other. It is teambuilding based on game.
Mafia Escape Room suitable for many activities:
- Visit us in your birthday together with friends.
- Surprise your soulmate on the first date.
- Get together to have some fun with colleagues.

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Our escape room is an unforgettable adventure. A balanced mixture of intellectual games, active leisure and fun. Our friendly staff will make sure your game was at the peak of emotion. Come and see it!
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