Maniac – new escape room in Pittsburgh

The darkest dungeon in all the state of Pennsylvania is waiting for brave explorers. Bloody maniac have harvested hundreds of lives. But he is tired just to kill and now he wants to play in a game with the highest bets…

Have you courage and inventiveness enough to confront the worst villain in 100 miles around area? Whose logic, attention, agility, and mental speed are working better – maniac’s or yours? Take a greatest challenge in Questburgh – the best escape rooms in all Pittsburgh!

Face to face with maniac!

Time is your worst enemy! Only 60 minutes to find the way out. And with every another seconds your chances are decreasing. Cunning criminal had put keys and clues in unthinkable places. Nothing but well teamwork can break dastardly plans of maniac. So think and run as fast as you can. Run for your lives!

Why should you visit such dangerous place?

You will never find the best test for your brains and fortitude. Because a real-life escape room experience is much more than simple entertainment. This is a serious training for everyone – from young scouts to professional police officers.

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On your way from the maniac’s lair you will solve a dozens tasks – for logic and for attentiveness. That’s why every squad member is useful. Because escape room is a secure version of real battle. Disorderly teams are loosing – like in real life! And if you are looking for way to unite friends, relatives or colleagues – escape room is the best solution. Build your team solid and strong!

Maniac Escape Room is perfect for many activities:

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Address: 30 S 6th St, Pittsburgh, PA, 15203
Phone: (412) 346-4849

Are you guest in Pittsburgh?

Don’t spend your time thinking about interesting things to do in our city. Just make a request in our site and do be quick in maniac’s lair! Trust us – you will get most interesting hour in your travel. 60 minutes filled of amazing events and finally – chance to beat speed record of Questburgh!

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