Pirates — Escape Room for Family and Friends

Are you looking for a new experience for your family and friends? Want to bring along your children for a day of family fun! Well your in the right place, Questburgh is the first escape room in the greater Pittsburgh area that gives you and your kids the chance to experience an escape room together.
2-8 people

People of all ages are welcome
60 min

Game time

Per one person
40 games a week

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Listen up ye sea lovers!

You've got the chance to grab your destiny by the gills right this moment! Your captain will guide you through the storms and reefs to treasures that you have ever yet to see.

Solve puzzles and riddles along the way from the deck of your ship to your captains quarters and then finally, reach your final goal of opening your treasure and you have only 60 minutesfor it ! Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?

Escape Room Experience

There are many ways to explain what escape room is. For instance, it's like a set of games on logic, dexterity and attention. But in the end, it is the experience of interaction with each other. It is teambuilding based on game.
Pirates Escape Room suitable for many activities:
- Visit us in your birthday together with friends.
- Come for family weekend.
- Get together to have some fun with classmates.

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Play as we! Play better than us!

Our escape rooms are great for children; ranging from 5 years old to 9 years old the children must be accompanied by an adult. Children ranging from 10 to 16 may play without any adult supervision. Note that the games are monitored by our staff, to ensure safety and fun!
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