The Curse of Buddha

Escape room in Pittsburgh

2-8 people

60 minutes

from $21 per person

40 games a week

About Escape Room

There have been news that a respected archaeologist has gone missing. The last thing that anyone has heard of him is about his return from a mysterious exploration that brought him to the farthest ends of the world. There has been a rumor that the scientist uncovered a renowned artifact described in numerous ancient manuscripts.

Many experts believe that the artifact itself may be the reason behind the archaeologists’ disappearance, predicting that a deadly curse has been placed upon him.

Since this hypothesis has been announced, several scientists have visited his house in hopes of uncovering some explanation behind this mystery. Most have found the house very cryptic and difficult to navigate, resulting in even more questions and some have even been reported going crazy after the visit.

Can your crew uncover the truth to the cursed mystery of the missing scientist?

Your team will have only 60 minutes to get through his house before a curse will trap your sanity forever. In order to have the highest chances of success your crew will have to work very closely and rapidly. Advancing room to room is known to be an uneasy task, since many riddles and complications are blocking your way.

Only the smart and brave adventurists will be able to conquer the obstacles and uncover the truth behind the mystery. It is believed that the archaeologists’ soul is still trapped within the walls of his house and at times he is rumored to communicate with his visitors.

Shall you trust him or not is up to you, yet at all times it is important to stay focused and alert to anything that could happen inside of the house.

Up to 8 visitors are allowed in the house at once but there is no certainty that every visitor who entered will survive the curse. If you are brave yet curious to find the answers to the mysterious disappearance of the archaeologist, then call your comrades and schedule your visit today!

Why you should visit our escape room

Celebrate an amazing birthday with close friends

Get an alternative for usual Sunday parties

Make an incredible adventure with your loved one

Switch from hard-working to a creative pause with your colleagues

How to find us

Address: 30 S 6th St, Pittsburgh, PA, 15203
Phone: (412) 251-5504