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Pirates — Escape Room for Large Companies

2-8 people 60 min (412) 251-5504 30 S 6th St, Pittsburgh, PA, 15203 Book Now

Pirates Escape Room is also available for kids (from 5 years old). Click here for more!

Pirates all hands on deck! Listen up ye sea lovers: you've got the chance to grab your destiny by the gills right this moment! Your captain will guide you through the storms and reefs to treasures that you have ever yet to see.

Solve puzzles and riddles along the way from the deck of your ship to your captains quarters and then finally, reach your final goal of opening your treasure and you have only 60 minutes for it ! Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?

People of all ages are welcome, it's a great team building experience, also fun for dates, friends and family bonding! And yes, kids can play too!

Are you ready to take part in our quest?

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